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About Shorelark Online Studio

At Shorelark, we encourage creativity as a practice to enhance a sense of well-being and offer a moment of mindful reflection.


Unleash Your Creativity

Our on-demand and membership classes, expertly crafted by lead artist and community tutor Kat Healy, are designed to help you discover or reignite your artistic voice.


Inspired by the seasons, each class is a creative journey that encourages positive emotions, releases negative feelings, and deepens your connection to your surroundings.


Aimed at all skill levels, our classes provide a welcoming space to explore and express your creativity from the comfort of your home.


Join us for FREE today, and get started on your artistic journey.

About Kat Healy

Kat Healy, a dedicated community art teacher in Scotland, loves exploring various subjects through her art, with a particular fondness for wildlife, often inspired by folklore and poetry, observed through a seasonal lens.

Kat's international travels as a folk/singer-songwriter, as well as her Master's Degree in Creative Writing (with Distinction), help inform Kat's relaxed, friendly, encouraging teaching style. Her love of narrative, colour and texture are ideal when it comes to creating loose, expressive watercolour and mixed media studies.

I believe everyone has a story to tell. I encourage students to explore imagination, experience and inspiration, to produce unique, meaningful work.

Kat's workshops embrace the cyclic nature of learning, understanding that each brushstroke, like each season, brings a unique beauty and opportunity for growth.

Kat's original watercolours have been widely acclaimed, both locally and abroad, with her work being shortlisted for various Wildlife category prizes and awards.

Over the past five years, Kat has established herself as a respected and in-demand community tutor. She runs workshops for all ages at community halls across Scotland and operates a private studio by the sea in East Lothian.


Inspired to Create

Kat's commitment to art extends beyond teaching, as she launched in 2023. A non-profit (CIC) organisation that aims to make art workshops accessible in the community, embodying her firm belief that everyone should have the opportunity to experience a moment of mindful creativity.

Our Specialties

Watercolour Painting

Mindfulness and Well-being

Creative Expression

Art Therapy

Community Building

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